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Durable Medical Equipment License (DME License)

A Durable Medical Equipment License, sometimes abbreviated as DME License, is critical part of most medical practices. Having a DME License will increase practice revenue, improve patient care and provides additional non-practice revenue opportunities. DME Licensing Agent should be your first choice for assistance with your DME License. As a division Ackerman Chiropractic & Fitness Center, we are not only a licensing agency but have a founder that is a practicing doctor. Dr. Ackerman understands the difficulties of running a practice and the benefits of having DME accreditation. This makes Dr. Ackerman and his staff uniquely qualified to guide your practice through the process of acquiring its DME Accreditation.

Durable medical equipment includes all sorts of medical supplies, from hospital beds to electric wheelchairs to basic braces. Your practice type will help determine what types of durable medical equipment you will want to stock and dispense. Regardless of what type of medicine you practice, rest assured dispensing relevant DME products will help you and your patient equally. The last thing a patient with an injury requiring mobility assistance wants to do is drive to another location to pick up their equipment or to wait at home for a medical device company to deliver necessary supplies. By dispensing durable medical equipment you will see an immediate increase in patient satisfaction and an immediate increase in your practice revenues.

With the marriage between medical services and insurance in such a state of uncertainty, you really can't afford to wait on acquiring a DME License. Having the ability to dispense durable medical equipment to regular insurance and Medicare patients creates an additional revenue stream without having to add long term expenses. As a doctor, you can only see so many patients and as insurance companies continue to reduce reimbursement rates, per patient revenue will continue to decrease. Durable medical equipment dispensing will allow you to offset some or all of that lost revenue and in some types of practices can dramatically increase practice revenues.

Our team of highly trained licensing agents will handle your accreditation process professionally, efficiently and economically. Call (812) 673-4947 to speak with a licensing agent now.


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